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Buy a Tee, Support Our Trip!

Get My Tees
Bella and Kella are selling high quality, soft tees to raise money for their trip. You can choose from the three colors pictured, dark blue, berry or teal. XS through 4-XL adult sizes are available.
The text says “Where Love Wherever You Go” and the back has the hashtag “#IHeartHonduras“.
Each shirt costs $20 and we will be taking orders through Sunday morning, April 15. More than half of your purchase goes directly to supporting our trip!
If you are local, we’ll make sure to get the shirt to you. The shirts will arrive in early May. If you are further away, please make arrangements with us to pick up your tees or please plan on paying for shipping.
Visit to get your tee! Alternately, you can find our girls and ask for a form if you’re local. 
If tees aren’t your thing, but you still want to donate, you can do so by visiting our GIVE NOW page. 
Thanks for considering. Your support means so much to us!

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